OK I know...it's about freakin time, so here you go!  This was "Lavender Summer", the cake I did for the competition. It was a lavender cake filled with blueberry preserves and lemon cream.  The cake was made using both fresh and dried lavender from Lavender By The Bay, located in East Marion, New York.  I always pass by their lovely stand at the Union Square Farmer's Market, so it was nice to finally get a chance to use their amazing product.  I then made a syrup to brush the cakes using my favorite liqueur, St. Germaine, and filled the layers with the blueberry preserves and lemon cream.  I find the St. Germaine adds an gentle floral note to a cake that is almost etherial, and I love it. The blueberries for the preserves came from southern New Jersey as New York's blueberry season was still a week away. They were the fattest blueberries I have ever seen in my life, and really made an amazing preserve (which I "accidentally" made to much of, and so I must suffer and eat it with my toast every morning:-) The lemon cream was a little trickier as lemons do not grow well in New York, especially in time for June.  So they had to come from California.  In the end, I was super happy with the cake, and apparently a lot of other people were too... they ate the whole thing and took every business card I had.  When it was all said and done, Blue Pantry came in third, which was a little disappointing as I know I had the best cake there, but we raised a lot of spirits, and a lot of cash for the American Cancer Society. 
8/21/2012 08:41:51 am

I had some lavender candy in France once, and that was my first time ever tasting it. I loved it. I bet your beautiful cake tasted weapons too!


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