I am back home in Ohio for a few days and I am so excited to check out how much the food scene has grown in the years that I have been away.  I admittedly have a tendency to feel like Columbus is stuck in the dark ages in the food scene when the truth is quite opposite. Yes you have an Olive Garden and Red Lobster and just about every other chain you can think of at just about every interstate exit and neighborhood. But tucked in there are quite a few lovely restaurants pursuing the farm-to-table ideal.  And because this is something I hold so dear and important, I am taking my family to a beautiful restaurant downtown that I have been hearing wonderful things about: "Latitude 41" in the Renaissance Hotel. Then tomorrow I hope to hit up Black Creek Bistro for lunch.  There are many more options that I will have to keep on my list for my next visit home.  I'll keep you posted!

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