It was a golden early-summer evening, and guests were being welcomed with a glass of chilled rose, onto a beautiful New York City roof-top patio.  There were platters with seasonal Blue Pantry bites, like Spicy Shrimp and Mango cups,  and Savory Watermelon Strawberry and Avocado salads.  Chef Luke Deardurff could be found at the grill, serving Beef Sliders with "all the sours".  The Blackberry Pies with Creme Fraiche Chantilly, and the Chocolate Strawberry Cakes with Home-made Mascarpone Mousse were waiting patiently in the fridge, for their turn to shine.  But before they would get their moment in the summer sun, we would first have to realize the true reason for Wednesday night's festivities. No this was not your random summer soiree. This evening, festivities were part of a series of cocktail fundraisers by the Abzyme Research Foundation, led by ARF founder, Zachary Barnett.  After a few glasses of wine, and a few of those sliders,
guests gathered around a beautiful living room to hear how each of them could help bring the newest technology and medical discoveries in HIV/AIDS research to the front lines. They learned about truly amazing breakthroughs being made today, and what needs to be done in order to bring these advances forward into FDA testing and a cure.  Guests were interactive and engaged in the conversation, and it was an honor and beauty to watch my friend Zachary speak with such sincere passion and knowledge.  After the discussion, guests returned to more chilled libation and desserts, and complimentary to-go Blueberry Lavender Cupcakes with Lemon Buttercream and Fresh Lavender Flowers, (from my garden *wink*).
I hope you got yours... there is a promo offer inside, that you won't want to lose.

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